The elegance of a Pineider leather notebook

Pineider has taken a unique, elegant and luxurious approach to designing leather notebooks, making this collection an essential accessory in your everyday life, be it in a classroom, at the office, or on the road. The wide selection of colours, sizes and models guarantees you will find a timeless notebook that will satisfy your needs and desires. Pineider also makes sure you will find something that will reflect your style by offering you the choice of elegant leather notebooks or sportier canvas notebooks, without forgetting our flawless notebooks in regenerated leather, the perfect middle ground. Unleash your creativity with our range of colours: from classic dark blues to lively oranges and delicate shades of pink and pearl grey. Our collection was designed with a sophisticated balance of elegance and practicality in mind, the available formats are suitable for all your different needs. Our small notebooks are ideal to carry around and write lists, ideas and quick thoughts, they are indispensable tools for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. Alternatively, our larger options are perfect to keep at home or in the office, you can also complete your office essentials with our prestigious Bespoke Stationery.

Leather bound journal: a timeless classic

Even though in this day and age we have at our disposal various technological devices to save our ideas and thoughts, Pineider strives to keep the tradition of handwriting alive. A leather journal is not only more reliable than a computer or phone but once you try one, you will realise there is nothing more sophisticated or satisfying than handwriting. It is worth investing in one of our timeless classics whether you need to unleash your creative thoughts or need a safe place to keep track of your finances, cooking recipes or anything your heart desires. A leather journal is a work of art, you will fall in love with the soft and comfortable feel of our high-quality products and elevate your handwriting. However, the pleasure of writing on our precious paper is not limited to a leather-bound journal, it also applies to Pineider’s diaries and organisers, ideal for remembering all your appointments and commitments. They are available in a vast colour palette and in diverse sizes to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle perfectly.

A special gift: a personalised engraved leather journal

If you need gift ideas for an important person or a special occasion, Pineider offers you an excellent solution: a personalised leather journal. Our products will undoubtedly be appreciated by the person who receives them, we echo the Florentine tradition of entirely handcrafting beautiful notebooks in high-quality leather both watermarked and inlaid. Thanks to these techniques and centuries of experience, we designed the most elegant solution that will meet all the expectations. Everyone is sure to find good use of our leather notebooks due to their various functions, from work tasks such as taking notes in meetings and lessons, to more creative activities, such as drawing. If you wish to show support for your friend's creative endeavours, surprise them with a thoughtful and lasting gift, a new engraved leather journal. Alternatively, they are the perfect idea for a graduation gift as well as an ideal and professional gift for a colleague or a work friend. If you think that a custom leather journal is not enough, complete your gift with various Pineider Writing Instruments: choose