Pen Refills and Ink cartridges: Always with you

The pleasure and class that naturally comes from the art of handwriting with a fountain pen is a phenomenon that remains unmatched. This evolution has meant that nowadays, there is a plethora of diverse designs of prestigious pens suitable for all your needs. From the fluid stroke of a classic fountain pen to the utmost convenience that a ballpoint pen or rollerball offers, Pineider has created a wide range of writing instruments made to last. They will quickly become a faithful life partner and a gift that can be passed from generation to generation. Luxury pens are objects that will never go out of style; they are timeless classics that speak to the inherent style and elegance of the owner. If the object itself was made to last for years, the ink is certainly not infinite, but Pineider has a solution to this problem. The best way to continue using your pen for many years, and make the most of its features, is to change the ink with our collection of pen refills and ink bottles.

​​How to fill your fountain pens and ballpoint pens

Refilling a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen may not always be a simple task, especially if you are unfamiliar with this type of pen or if it is a luxury item you are afraid of damaging if not handled correctly. Suppose you need to change the ink of your prestigious tool; a piston converter is a product you definitely need. It will allow you to refill your pen directly from the ink bottle and is available in an elegant colour palette. In addition, you must try the Pineider pen filler, this absolute travel inkwell can be easily adapted for pens equipped with the most varied filling mechanisms. This inkwell is not only the perfect functional refill for a fountain pen but is also formed with a "pen gauge" to verify that the pen falls within the measures tested by Pineider.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ballpoint or rollerball pen refills, you will find specific products and accessories in packs of two, for which you can choose between black or blue ink, as well as fine or medium tip. The main difference between rollerball pens and ballpoint pens lies in the ink used, one is more pastey with an oil base, like the one used for printing, and the other is more gel-like, with a water base. At Pineider, you can find all the necessary pen fillers according to your taste, pens and needs.

Pen refills, inks, accessories, and more

In addition to the numerous ballpoint refill models, Pineider has also thought of those who are unsatisfied with the fountain pen ink and want something more. With our Ink Alchemy Set, you will have the opportunity to give rise to all the colours your heart desires, thanks to the mixing method inspired by printing. The set uses the CMYK system, a colour composition model that includes cyan, magenta, yellow, transparent and black which can be added to alter any shade. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to create the ink they prefer and use it to make their signature and handwriting even more unique and original. If you want to give a special gift to someone passionate about stationery and writing, this set can be an excellent idea and an undoubtedly creative gesture.