Tradition and technology: Luxury Rollerball Pen

The real luxury does not lie in the great things that, given the hectic life we ​​lead, more often than not remain dreams or rare occasions. In reality, true luxury is in the pleasure of the details and little things we do every day. Our luxury rollerball pens are beyond exceptional; they are the result of the perfect combination between elegant traditional writing and Pineider's strong innovation. These writing instruments are available in sophisticated and refined designs thanks to our skilled craftsmanship. Plus, their flawless ball mechanism ensures you will write, annotate and sign with the best rollerball pen to suit all your needs. A Pineider rollerball pen on your desk means having a unique and durable style thanks to the special techniques used and fine materials assembled by hand. Our rollerball pens additionally respond to the desire of expressing creativity and originality with the wide range of sahdes available for the different models. You can choose between solid colours and marbled red, blue, black, or amber shades. Our Tribute to Florence is also available in coloured and transparent styles, allowing you to visualize the mechanism and level of the ink. Otherwise, if you want a different style of luxury pens, explore our selection of fountain pens or bespoke pencils.

What is a rollerball pen?

Similar to our ballpoint pens, our stylish rollerball pens have a small swivel ball built into the tip that dispenses the ink. You will experience the perfect combination of a fountain pen's fluid ink flow and the ballpoint pen's reliability. The Arco line stands out for its beauty and functionality, elaborated with layers of resin in contrasting colours and linked by a gold-coloured glue to give the collection’s pens a special touch and sophisticated aesthetic. Thanks to the use of Ultraresina, a material composed of mother of pearl and resin, we are able to create unique, elegant, and functional roller pens. This high-quality material, developed exclusively for Pineider in Florence, protects against accidental impact, damage and resists external agents, oils, and inks.

If you are a writing enthusiast or need to use a handwriting medium for work, our rollerball pens are perfect for you; their comfortable grip and finger support make them ideal for long writing sessions. Another advantage of a Pineider roller pen is that it is sustainable: thanks to its assembly techniques and its GlueLess technology, your luxury roller pen is crafted without using a drop of glue. Moreover, our stylish rollerball pens work with a gel-based liquid ink. Therefore, they guarantee an unprecedented colour rendering and softness in every stroke, making them continuous, pleasant, and perfect to try on elegant Pineider diaries and letter paper sets. Your writing will be charged with great expressiveness and sophistication.

Personalized Rollerpens: The perfect gift

Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated gift for your friend's birthday, special occasions such as parties, anniversaries, graduations, or do you want to celebrate success with your client? Celebrate the experience with our handmade, unique, and customizable luxury rollerball pens. You will receive your rollerball pen in an elegant box or a Pineider paper gift box, which will add a touch of class to your gift. No matter who you have chosen to give our exceptional products to, they will surely not be disappointed. You can also decide to provide an even more elegant and sophisticated touch to your home and office with a classic refillable roller pen and enhance your writing style. Lastly, ensure you never run out of ink, and check out our Pineider refills, inks, and rollerball pens online!