The power of the written word: fine stationery by Pineider 

In the digital era, all the planning and writing tools are on your screen, but they can’t take the pleasure of paper away. The thrill of holding a diary with your engraved initials or sending a long letter to your loved ones is still as powerful as it used to be. Since 1774, Pineider has been mastering the entire process of creating luxury stationery, from the choice of precious materials to the smallest details. The digital format can help us organize and share our commitments. But it will never replace the pleasure of writing down the most important moments of the year on your diary and retracing the past through the indelible notes that fill our notebooks.

The most elegant writing paper to collect your words

Writing a note or a letter to someone is a critical moment, a creative and reflective process that adequate and stimulating materials must support. Pineider has created different sets of elegant writing paper to help you express feelings or communicate emotions that last forever. What binds us to some special people are often the places we have shared, which acquire a soul of their own. Pineider has dedicated some sets of writing paper to iconic places, such as Capri or Milan. If these are your favorite places, or if you have shared them with your beloved ones, a letter written on decorative writing paper that celebrates the city that binds you will be a great surprise for your beloved ones. Pineider illustrated writing paper is the perfect way to convey all the words you want to say to your beloved ones.

Buy the finest stationery online with Pineider

Selecting, personalizing and purchasing fine stationery items has never been easier. On Pineider’s online shop, you can find a wide selection of customizable products, including diaries and organizers. Creating a personalized diary online is a matter of seconds with Pineider: enter your initials – or, for those who love astrology, your star sign –, choose the font color, and receive your diary straight to your door in a week. Your planner is your best ally: whether you prefer a daily diary or a weekly planner, it must be unique and irreplaceable, just like your personality. If paper for you is where you express your creativity, write down ideas and explore new projects, a Pineider personalized notebook will become your most faithful companion. Caress your initials engraved on soft saffiano leather and fill the pages of watermarked ivory paper with all your thoughts. Retracing the past has an entirely different flavor when imprinted on a precious notebook with your name on the cover.