Rediscover traditions with luxury Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that goes back centuries. Due to the advancement of technology, social media, our busy schedules and a myriad of other excuses, it is a tradition we have somewhat moved away from. It is easy to fall back on sending a message or an email to a list of people; therefore, the art of handwriting is a personal touch that we see less and less of. However, at Pineider we firmly believe that the tradition of spreading festive cheer with a Christmas card is still very important. In fact, due to the tradition being lost over the years that makes sending luxury Christmas cards even more exclusive and meaningful. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then sending a nice note or a thoughtful card in your own handwriting is the most appropriate way to express your appreciation. Not only will your recipients want to keep you greeting cards, but you will also want to receive one and keep a copy for yourself. Unlike an online message that will disappear almost instantly, Christmas cards are worth keeping.


How to make extraordinary Christmas cards 

To spread the joy and love of Christmas, Pineider offers stylish and elegant stationery sets to make sure you surprise your loved ones, friends, family and colleagues with luxury Christmas cards. Sending a greeting card is special,  personal and a thoughtful way to keep in touch, share Christmas greetings, and tell someone how you feel, and that he or she is a special person to you. One way to make your Christmas cards even more exclusive is with Pineider’s letter envelopes. Their classic and sophisticated touch gives a unique feel to what's inside, so this is your chance to go all out. Moreover, there is no writing experience that comes close to the feeling of a prestigious fountain pen on a Christmas card. For this reason, Pineider offers a selection of inks and spares so you can choose from a myriad of colours to make your luxury Christmas cards incredibly special.


What to write in a Christmas card

Your Christmas greeting message should be thoughtful and genuine, but when you have Christmas cards to write to everyone in your address book, it can seem like a complicated task. However, in reality, creating the perfect message does not take long when you plan ahead. These greeting cards will not only warm the hearts of your recipients, but also let the special people in your life know that you are thinking of them. The beginning of your message should include a short and sweet Christmas greeting for your recipients. At this point, you should continue with a personalised message based on your relationship with the recipient, and don't forget to sign your Christmas cards. Use a sincere and sweet closing message for family and close friends, and use a more professional closing for your colleagues Christmas cards. Every message you put on your Christmas cards will be a reflection of your thoughts during the festive season. Spread the joy of this festive season with Pineider!