Leather goods

Accessories and leather goods are timeless and can be used with the utmost elegance and practicality every day. Within Pineider's wide range of products, you can find various luxury leather goods, such as our wonderful briefcases and backpacks, strictly handmade by our master leatherworkers. Pineider has the perfect solution for those who love handmade leather goods. Those in our selection are crafted with extreme care and attention to detail, from the largest to the smallest, from the brightest to the most neutral colors. For those with a lively and adventurous lifestyle, we offer large handcrafted leather goods such as our bags and suitcases. They are the perfect accessories to stand out even when traveling, made from leather with the care that only centuries of experience in craftsmanship can give.


The elegance of the average Italian leather goods

Durability, elegance and functionality are the key elements to create an ideal environment for a perfect day at home or in the office. In the office, medium, leather goods are known to reinforce a professional and elegant look. So, Pineider offers a collection of leather office goods handcrafted in Tuscany. Be prepared with our document holders and iPad cases that fit perfectly with your professional attire. Create a tidy workspace with exclusive organizers rigorously handcrafted by expert artisans. Also, discover our soft and elegant agendas in precious Saffiano leather, with hand-painted edges by Florentine tradition. Otherwise, Pineider offers you a selection of fine leather goods to cherish your most precious memories, such as leather photo albums and frames, which create an elegant and cozy environment for your home.


Small leather items: unique and unmistakable

Personalized leather items, such as wallets and headphone cases, from Pineider's small leather goods collection, can satisfy every person's needs. They are a practical yet refined solution for carrying small essentials with you at all times. Gifting someone with custom leather goods from this collection means giving life companions a gift that will constantly be present in their lives. And that's not all: the Pineider personalization service will make them unique and special, while the luxury of leather maintains a concentration of history, design, and innovation made in Florence. With Pineider, you can insert your initials in gold, silver or embossed print-a handmade and personalized leather life companion.