Luxury leather handbags and backpacks

The Pineider collection of leather bags and briefcases and backpacks will always be the most elegant solution and meet all your expectations and needs. Due to the ancient techniques developed by Florentine craftsmen and the centuries of experience Pineider holds, we have designed leather essentials of the highest quality. Thus, our leather handbag collection is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. If you are always travelling abroad whether it’s for work or pleasure, you can take off in style with a beautiful, elegant and practical Pineider travel bag always by your side on all your trips. Independently of where you go, what matters is what you bring with you, and how. As a result, Pineider has created a timeless collection of models, colours, shapes and styles that guarantee you will walk with quality and elegance wherever you go. A leather backpack is an important accessory; in fact, it is a wardrobe essential. It is capable of completing any look and is a must for those who love to express themselves and stay fashionable.

The class of a leather backpack or laptop bag

Strength, elegance and functionality are the perfect characteristics of a leather laptop bag, Pineider’s collection offers every single one and more. Thoughtfully designed for your convenience at work and especially for your digital devices, our pc holders are not only beautiful but extremely durable and strong. Rest assured they will keep your device safe when commuting or traveling. You can also add a luxurious document holder that will fit perfectly in your elegant leather backpack next to your laptop and other personal belongings. One of the numerous advantages of our products is they will last you a lifetime, they are an investment you are sure to never regret. Chose the leather briefcase bag that suits you best according to the colour, style, and size. Pineider offers you a range of colours form dark sophisticated hues to bright and patterned styles for a more noticeable look.

Bring luxury to the office with a leather briefcase or work bag

A leather work bag is indispensable if you live a fast-paced working schedule, it is more than just a portable container for when you travel or commute to work. Our leather briefcases allow you to have everything you need close at hand at all times, designed for maximum comfort while still maintaining a timeless style. Our elegant and comfortable collection is suitable for any occasion, it will make you look sophisticated and stylish during your daily meetings, on the subway or train, and on vacation. Our leather work bags include a practical padded laptop compartment that guarantees protection for your device, and extra pockets to better organize all your items. Explore our collection of leather briefcases and backpacks and complete your office look with our luxurious Small Leather Goods and Desk Accessories.