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What is elegance? It is the attitude, the playful creation of details, to define one’s existence over time and with awareness. Imposed immobility represents a state of stillness unknown to contemporary man, redefining spaces and aspirations.

Leather Goods

The elegance symbolized by black is mysterious yet determined, a characteristic that accompanies the classic colors that have always distinguished Pineider’s elegance: serpentine green, black, and blue.

The iconic lines in hammered leather and mini-fringes fully embody the pure colors that define them, exploring soft volumes and details in contrast to the composure of the Embossed series. The hammered leather line, made from exquisite Italian hammered calf leather, embodies the style of a business person navigating between casualness and a desire for freedom, adapting to a dynamic everyday life that spans from the workweek to the weekend. The Mini-fringes line, crafted in calf leather, represents both classic and modern masculinity, embracing new shapes and chic details. Both lines feature highly organized interiors to meet personal and professional needs.

Alongside the classic lines of hammered leather and mini-fringes, there is also a more casual and sporty-chic line: the Metro Nylon collection, which brings together the black in which it excels. Here, imagination ventures into the tireless urban landscape of the city, where travel and practicality occupy the same space. The young business person distinguishes themselves by confidently choosing soft leather or super-technical, soft, and enveloping nylon. They seek stability, security, and the ability to stand out beyond any accessory.

Introducing a new line in shades of blue and black, inspired by the Empress series of letter paper graphics, we find the embossed empress, where the rigid elegance of envelopes is reflected in the soft leather handles and uniform details, both in solid colors and embossed patterns.

Pineider Grained Line

Pineider Grained is a permanent line, crafted in grained calf leather. It is designed for elegant, dynamic, organized individuals with a strong personality. The Bottalato collection is characterized by soft shapes and spacious structures, created entirely by hand by master artisans.

The Grained line, made from exquisite Italian hammered calf leather, embodies the style of a business person on the border between casual and a desire for freedom. It speaks of a moving everyday life, transitioning from the workweek to the weekend with the new duffle bags, crossbody bags, and versatile backpacks.

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Pineider Mini-Franzi

Pineider Mini-Franzi is a permanent line, crafted in Saffiano leather. The Mini-Franzi collection is characterized by details that stem from the finest tradition of Italian leather craftsmanship. With ruthenium finishes and a semi-rigid construction, the combination of practicality and beauty merges tradition and modernity.

The Mini-Franzi line, made from calf leather, represents both classic and modern masculinity, embracing new forms and details. This collection also features highly organized interiors to meet daily and personal needs.

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Embossed Empress

The embossed Empress collection is a variation of the Digital Empress collection. Also in this collection the iconic pattern is applied to several ranges of products: backpacks, travel bags, notebooks, wallets, crossbody bags and fanny packs. A simple and modern way to wear elegance every day.

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Digital Empress

The Digital Empress collection introduces the iconic pattern that takes up the Pineider envelope which is applied to multiple products: backpacks, travel bags, notebooks, wallets, crossbody and fanny packs. A casual product that can be used anywhere with a simple touch of freshness and elegance.

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Metro Smooth

The Metro Smooth collection is based on soft calfskin with a classic touch for those who love practicality combined with refinement. Simple shapes and organized interiors will complete your everyday outfit. A casual chic collection.

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Metro Nylon

The Metro Nylon collection is a sporty chic collection. For those who love to wear their look with delicacy and practicality, but without ever losing the elegance that distinguishes all Pineider collections. The perfect combination for lovers of dynamism and globalization.

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Home & Office

Pineider takes care of our passions and the objects that surround us. The Home collection and the Office collection combine functionality, elegance and the pleasure of tactile sensations, offering exclusive boxes for jewels and watches, pen holders, photo albums and frames, as well as leather desk accessories such as writing desk, board games and accessories for sporting passions.

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A collection focused on the passions of table games: Burraco, Game of the goose, Poker, Backgammon and Tarot are just some of the games developed by Pineider. The art of living one’s passions by expressing oneself with style and elegance.

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