Elegance and quality: Pineider ballpoint pens

Also called biro, from the name of its inventor László Bíró, the ballpoint pen is an object that we have all used at least once. Most of us use it daily, thanks to its practicality and comfort. As a result, they have become the most popular handwriting tool globally. You might consider the ballpoint pen an obvious object, but it represented a fundamental revolution. The mechanism is based on a rolling metal ball that comes into contact with the ink contained in the tank and distributes it evenly on the paper. For this reason, the quality of the ballpoint pen and its parts are essential for the writing to be smooth, the ink homogeneous, and the result elegant. Pineider has designed and manufactured its ballpoint pens to achieve perfection in writing. Zeolite, celluloid, mother of pearl, ultra resin, and palladium are just some of the luxury materials used by Pineider to make ballpoint pens. With the prestigious materials, the advanced manufacturing techniques make Pineider ballpoint pens a premium writing tool that you will keep in your hands forever.

Ballpoint pen: the ideal ally for those who have a busy life

When you buy a luxury pen, class and elegance are key. Of course, the fountain pen carries the timeless charm of prestigious objects. However, if you are constantly traveling and moving between offices, cities or even countries, you may find it challenging to carry a fountain pen with you. If that’s the case, a ballpoint pen is much better suited to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Also, a ballpoint pen can be a design icon that, at the same time, does not give up on practicality. With years of experience to draw on, the new Pineider collection combines the robustness and reliability of the ballpoint pen with the innate class of the most prestigious pens. Discover the different materials and designs, and choose today what could be your pen of life on the Pineider shop.

A custom luxury ballpoint pen is the perfect gift

For generations, families have been celebrating the professional goals of their loved ones by giving them a luxury pen. Pineider’s collection of ballpoint pens is made with prestigious materials and the attention to detail that only centuries of experience can provide. They are the perfect gift to celebrate the success of the people you love. Discover the different models, all available in multiple elegant colors, and take advantage of the free personalization service. When purchasing the models eligible for the service, you can personalize your ballpoint pen with your name or that of the person who will receive this unforgettable gift. Fine pens give their best when used on high-quality paper, so why not pair them with Pineider bespoke stationery? Discover all the combinations, and celebrate the most important moments in the life of those you love.