Alchemist Kilauea Blue


To create this pen, Pineider researched a material with extraordinary properties, considered by many to be
“a universal panacea”, “the alchemist’s philosopher’s stone”, “the fifth essence”. Zeolites are volcanic minerals formed millions of years ago by an encounter with incandescent lava and seawater. With The Alchemist, Zeolite also enters the world in the form
of a pen, where tactile feeling and impactful resistance are fundamental elements. The formula, developed with over 40% of pure Zeolite, treated at low pressure, grants this pen’s velvety surface, with remarkable resistance, preserving the properties of the original material, creating natural hydrophilicity, a perfect porosity with an excellent grip when held.

Filling System: Converter

Nib: steel demi flex

€ 228,00

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