Writing is a daily exercise still enjoyed by millions of people.
Pineider has perfected an absolutely novel system of mixing fountain pen colours, seeking its inspiration in the art of printing and in its own age-old experience in the field.
Ink Alchemy takes its inspiration from the quadrichromy printing system known as CMYK which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black.
So the system is fairly simple: by varying the amounts of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow you can obtain virtually any colour from red, pink and sky blue to purple, orange, green or any other combination.
Black, in addition to being a primary colour, serves the obvious purpose of instantly darkening any colour formulation.
In addition to the four basic colours, Pineider has invented a transparent ink for lightening the colour formulated and for thus creating a full range of sub-shades.
Naturally, we do not expect Ink Alchemy to be used exclusively for writing; in fact writing is simply its most immediate and intuitive use.
Alchemy of Colours is an invitation to you to use your imagination and creativity, to look at the colourful side of the world.


Snorkel: stainless steel extension with an adaptor nozzle for the converters most commonly found on the market, to allow you to use even only a few drops of a test ink, so that you do not have to make large amounts of ink but only what you need to fill a converter-cartridge pen once.

Pen Filler: while the Snorkel can be used to fill only converter-cartridge pens, the pen filler can fill any pen on the market – lever pens, piston pens, plunger pens, converter pens and even the old eyedroppers – with a small amount of ink.

5 50/100 ml bottles with the colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Transparent, fitted with dropper.

5 empty bottles but fitted with tops to make formulations and to save the colour you have created.

1 filler for plunger pens allowing you to fill a pen with a single refill.

1 snorkel to allow you to fill a converter without getting your hands dirty.

1 instruction booklet with formulas for creating colours.

Archive cards to jot down the formulas for the colours you have created.

€ 148,00

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