How much love has been celebrated among the timid, bold or solemn lines created on a sheet of paper? 

Actual love stories that were born among numerous personalities of the past or contemporary and the Florentine company.

Important documents and personal correspondence of some of the most famous names of the last centuries have been sent with the exclusive style of Pineider.

 Celebrities in the world of politics, literature and entertainment have chosen the world of Pineider, thus signing their own personal relationship with the brand;
movie stars like Vittorio De Sica, Madonna, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, Ridley Scott, just to name a few.

A universe of stars including the beautiful Elisabeth Taylor, who, by whim or passion, asked Pineider to create a letter paper with the outline of the magnificent color of her eyes.

 The pattern of this notebook is an exclusive design of Pineider, inspired to its iconic Empress envelope.

Dimensions:14,5x21 cm

192 pages - 90grs/mq paper certified for fountain pens

color: ivory

€ 20,00


€ 10,00

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