Ballpoint pen-LIMITED EDITION- Pineider EGO 240


Pineider celebrates the 240th year of its foundation with the Pineider EGO 240 collection.

This ballpoint Pineider EGO 240 pen features an exclusive resin and celluloid barrel, hand-turned from a solid bar. It features two engraved symbols of the Pineider’s 240th anniversary: on the front the date of its foundation, 1774, dominated by a lily flower, the symbol of Florence.

On on the back, the year of the celebration, 2014, with the Pineider’s P.

The clip is activated by a sophisticated mechanism to ensure effectiveness, flexibility and durability and it is hand-polished and rhodium plated.

All metal trimmings are rodium plated.

The main ring is made from solid silver, 925 ml.

Pineider limited edition EGO 240 writing instruments feature a diamond on the back of the cap.

The Pineider Ego 240 limited edition writing instrument collection includes: fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint and mini ballpoint pen and lead pencil.

€ 300,00

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