Arco Desert Beetle Ball Point


Arco is a limited edition of 888 numbered pieces inspired by the celluloid iridescence.


The Arco material is made by overlapping alternating layers of resin in blue and yellow colors, joined by gold-colored glues. The slabs of the material are then turned with an eccentricity of 4 degrees bringing out the overlapping layers, bringing to light the natural iridescence and transparency.


Arco is fitted with a piston filling system.


The Nib: the Hyperflex Nib


Following a global writing trend, Pineider has created a 14 kt gold nib, which has been given the name Hyperflex to underline its extraordinary ductility and excellent "memory" effect.


The Hyperflex nib is suitable for everyday use and makes the pleasure of writing its strong point. The fountain pen is the extension of the hand, Hyperflex Nib allows a fluid stroke, which does not require any pressure.


Flexibility should not deceive, it is not a calligraphic pen, which has different characteristics.



Package: The portable desk set


The package is a very elegant Pineider desk with paper and Pineider watermarked paper envelopes.


The Great Beauty Arco

Limited edition of 888 fountain pens

Material: Brown green and black

Nib: Quill Nib 14 kt 585 iperflex

Clip: activated quill in marine steel

Cap lock : twist magnetic lock

€ 435,00

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