Full Metal Jacket fountain Pen 14K NIB

Pineider is proud to present the 2020 edition of The Great Beauty.

The material used is the celebrated Ultra Resin, famous for being fully shockproof and launched in Los Angeles in February 2019.

For The Great Beauty 2020 Pineider has created a metallic variant of UR that we have dubbed "Full Metal Jacket" both as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick's memorable movie and because it alludes to the metallic effect of the pen's surface.

Availabile in six colours – three plain and three marbled – the pen is due to be launched at the end of February. The classic collection comprising a fountain pen, a rollerball and a ballpoint has been further expanded and now consists of:

Fountain pen, 14 carat gold Hyperflex nib, with piston filling system and free Easy Filler.

€ 430,00

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