Honeycomb Fountain Pen

If today with modern technology is easier to produce a clear pen,
is with no doubt that a cut out demo was never done till now.

Honeycomb structure is so perfect to be defined as nature miracle,
widely imitated from mankind with technological materials like Kevlar and aluminum.

The Great Beauty is also this: to be amazed in front of nature
and appreciate this wonderful world.

At the end Honeycomb is not only an exercise of “Savoir Faire”
but it want to recall nature and the respect it deserves.

Limited edition of 888 fountain pens

Material: clear resin with honeycomb cut out

Nib: Quill Nib 14 kt 585 iperflex

Clip: activated quill in marine steel

Cap lock: twist magnetic lock

Filling mechanism: converter

Packaging: Pineider escritoire with pen holder

€ 648,00

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