Writer, screenwriter, journalist

Antonio Dikele Distefano is an Italian writer, born in '92 in Busto Arsizio from Angolan parents. He gained international recognition for the self-published novel 'Fuori piove, dentro pure, passo a prenderti?' . Mondadori published the book as well as his subsequent novels.

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Daughter of art, Amina Marazzi Gandolfi is a photographer based in Milan. Freelance for various magazines, her images range from fashion to reportage with an approach combining the attention for details with a spontaneous curiosity that make her photographs unique.

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Writer, journalist

Enrico Dal Buono, writer and journalist for various Italian newspapers and magazines, teaches creative writing at Naba and and Scuola Holden. He has published a collection of short stories, Come fratelli (Pequod), a novel, La vita nana (Baldini & Castoldi) and has also an upcoming book (La Nave di Teseo).

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