What is a Pineider object without human ambition? We tell stories. Stories about a subtle eagerness, the kind that is seen in the eyes of those who stand in front of iconic futures, ready to face it with courage and passion. Embodied within our products awaits an energy, ready to empower each one of us to write our own tale and the world's along with it. Some may say everything has already been written, but we believe nothing really has yet. That’s why we will always be there, giving the future meaning.


Envision purpose and meaning.

Abilities that belong only to human creativity, interaction and synergy. What is mankind? Walking beings with gadgets and accessories. They can move across time as if it were one of their natural elements: timeless existence. But history only begins with words, and we are never as human as we are when we write down our thoughts on paper.


Shape the future.

In the hands of others, we become tools. A means to empower ambition and motivation. Only once we are well equipped from our past can we venture into the unknowable future. Our greatest power is to make sense over the course of time, both in search of meaning and direction. By writing, we transform chaos into cosmos.


Embody timeless craft and class.

Renowned excellence that is part of established elegance. Some gestures have elegance within their essence, regardless of fleeting trends. An unjustified smile, the turn of the neck making sure a door doesn't close on someone's face, keeping quiet to not cause pain, placing your jacket over the shoulders of those who are cold, or writing by hand on a single sheet on paper.


Connect heritage with modernity.

The courage of the past that moves us forward and makes the meaning of tomorrow. In every piece of handwriting, a unique and unmistakable personality is embodied. Those who write by hand, reveal their inner selves: the anxieties, the tremors and uncertainties, the ups and the downs. Those who write by hand make a deal within themselves, to remove the keyboard facade, and to whisper: if you like it or not, this is me.