Embossing hand plier press with personalised die and personalised wood case

The Pineider hand plier is housed in an elegant mahogany case with a black lacquered cover, with features a customizable steel tag, which, otherwise features the engraved, elegant Pineider coat of arms.

Box dimensions: 16.5x7.5x8.5 cm
Die dimensions: 5x2.5 cm
Tag dimensions: 3x3 cm

The embossing hand-plier press die is custom made by Pineider and can be personalised with your initials, with a text, or a logo and can be perfect either for the head or the foot of a page (which has to be specified once you place your order)
Please send your high resolution artwork (.PDF, .TIFF, or .EPS for example.) to: info@pineider.com.
Estimated delivery is 20 days.

€ 278,00

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