Rollerball pens  

  • Arco is a pen in Limited Edition, inspired from colors that were made in the thirties only in celluloid.Arco color is a stratification of many layers of materials dark brown and light brown with gold glue accents.Looking the pen from the side is easy to understand the meaning of Arco.

    € 435,00
  • For the new Avatar, the material developed in Florence by Pineider is a mother of pearl compound resin in a special formula called UltraResin. This compound is very stiff and its exceptional features makes it widely better than Celluloid, historical material of pen industry. UltraResin is extremely rigid, nearly like metal, incredibly resistant to hits,...

    € 120,00
  • Avatar today is an extremely popular representation with young people, who use it all the time in the social media and social forums. It has become their virtual alter ego. The Avatar collection, made in purest resin in four vibrant colours The clip is our interpretation of a goose quill. The collection's ring is inspired by the skyline of Florence

    € 128,00
  • After revolutionising the world of writing with Avatar UR, which has resolved the problem of accidental breakage once and for all with a material instantly conjuring up an image of celluloid, Pineider now proudly presents the transparent version which uses an even more advanced formula of UltraResin. Transparency allows one not only to see the pen's...

    € 150,00