The travel desk set

In these last weeks everyone talks about Agatha Christie again after the release of the colossal movie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, where its director Kenneth Branagh remakes one of the most well known crime novels of the history of literature. Agatha Christie, the writer with the highest number of bestsellers ever, is a famous yet mysterious character, whose life is surprisingly adventurous, independent and intriguing. Among her personal peculiarities is the fact that she did not have a room or a studio where she wrote her best-selling thrillers, she wrote them wherever she happened to be: just think that ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ was written all in one breath in a hotel room.

Agatha Christie used to travel carrying with her a desk set like the one Pineider proposes in its collections, where you find all you need to write novels or simple letters or notes. The travel desk set by Pineider includes a notebook, some sheets of writing paper and a top-quality fountain pen, all encapsulated in an elegant and easy-to-carry leather case.