The Origami Museum in Japan

If you arrive early at Terminal 1 of the Narita International Airport in Tokyo you can familiarize with the amazing and fascinating world of origami on the third floor of the airport, where the Nippon Origami Museum is located. The traditional art of paper folding has always been part of Japan’s cultural heritage and is exhibited in this space in over 400 pieces going from flowers to trees to butterflies, passing through an amazing amusement park and a castle; in other words, many familiar and shiny worlds only built from paper.

The museum in Tokyo is actually just a pop-up of the bigger and more complete one located in Kaga city, in the Ishikawa County, where it was inaugurated in 2001 and now exhibiting more than 100,000 origami, of all kinds.

The exhibition space also includes a section dedicated to the history of origami and a brand-new area where paper dinosaurs are shown in their primordial habitat as well as a theatre and some classrooms to teach this art.

Origami’s enthusiasts can also send their works to receive a feedback from the greatest origami experts and, if living up to their expectations, these can be exhibited in the museum whose collection is constantly updating.