Instagram Poets

A digital revolution is probably what it took to relaunch, and bring to our visual and emotional attention a literary genre, poetry that has not been so popular over the last few decades. Social networks, as the new communication channels, allowed poetry to reach a totally unexpected success and turned those who are now called ‘Instagram poets’ into celebrities not only of the web but also of literature. And now, after ignoring them for long, the big publishers are looking for the new poets exactly in the digital universe where they hope to find potential bestsellers among authors already followed by hundreds of thousands of readers.

Among the most well-known are Rupi Kaur, the most appreciated writer by the public, Lang Leav, Atticus, Najwa Zebian, Tyler Knott Gregson, Nikita Gill, all authors with millions of followers to whom important publishers asked to turn their ‘digital’ poems into real collections, some of which had great success and great sales.

Although the most conservative writers turn up their noses at this ‘fortune cookie poems’, the possibility to reach millions of people with some poetic lines is a real literary revolution.