Immortal jotters

In his pre-obit published by the London newspaper TheIndependent he was defined «hopelessly smart». But Bruce Chatwin was much more than that. He was one of the most important writers and travellers of the 20th Century whose life, fast and full of mystery, contributed to turning his character into a timeless myth. Forty years after the publication of his most important book, ’In Patagonia’, the British writer is described in many of his passions and features: among these the one of writing down everything on a jotter he would never separate from, where he drafted emotions that would then become the prose of his books.
The same taste of that jotter you can find in Pineider notebooks, in various sizes and colours: from the most luxurious, leather-bound ones, to the younger and fresher in bright colours like red or yellow, to the most classic ones in blue or beige.